Magalies Trails

Magaliesberg Trails in Skeerpoort (MTB, trail running, hiking, birding, horse riding)
Skeerpoort is a village at the foothills of the Magaliesberg Mountains. Its community enjoys the country lifestyle, privacy and looks after the environment.
Trails have been developed by Erik Schipper, extending over 30 private properties for horse riding, hiking, birding, mountain biking (mainly single track) and trail running. The manicured route takes a lot of preparation and maintenance and attracts many sports people to the area. Today there is about 100 km of trail available. If you would like to enjoy the trails in Skeerpoort, walking, hiking or on your mountain bike, you can get a day permit and sign an indemnity at the farm. Open from 6h00 in summer in the weekends and 7h00 in winter. Acces limited or closed when there are events.

Enjoy your trail and abide by the following:

Sign indemnity for permit      Dogs and pets
Keep to the set marked trail      Litter
Close gates      Disturb plants or animals
Horses have right of way      Fire and braais
Respect owner's privacy      Smoking
Helmets are compulsory      Radios and noise
Supervise children      Motorbikes and quads